Agri-Voltaic Solution

Agri-voltaic systems combine, on one plot of land, crops, and dynamic photovoltaic panels to optimize the land’s potential without damaging ecosystems

Introducing Generation Green

EPC Solar are working with Generation Green to deliver Agri-Voltaic solutions to solar farm developers here in Australia.

Generation Green Vision: Create a better future for now and for the generations to come.

We capitalize on the synergies of smart co-cropping, centered around hemp & energy, a mutually de-risking symbiotic relationship that represents enhanced yields in terms of the financial, environmental and Carbon outcomes.

The Problem


  • Hemp legislation has had slow adoption by farmers because of a lack of understanding of the benefits and rules
  • Retail Products are usually re-branded poor-quality imports


Farmers are either not willing or able to invest in irrigation, essential for crop success and legality of the crop. THC levels will rise to illegal levels if insufficient watering takes place and the crop would have to be destroyed.


Whilst unparalleled sun-hours are great for crops, too much increases water requirement, putting further pressure on the resources of the farmer and legality of the crop.


Traditional global farming methods result in reducing crop yields and as a result land values for traditional cropping is affected.

Industrial Ineffectiveness

  • Not suitable high-end processing facility in Western Australia
  • For those few that can grow, the fewer that do grow well, who’s going to prepare it for sale?

The Solution

Co-locate Hemp Farming & Solar Power

  • 103% of potential solo-electricity production per solar panel (cooling effect increased efficiency)
  • 103% of crop production (shade improves irrigation effectiveness)

Network of Farmer-Partners Established

We provide expertise, sub-licensing, finance facilities and purchasing or leasing for irrigation & solar infrastructure.

Implement High-Standard Processing Facility

On-farm industrial processing center at 30 tons per day. Situated on our farms for economy and security. Economies and efficiencies of facility guarantees sale of 3rd party farmers crop to us also.